Tri- County Blvd. Property

Alfred H Diggs Home - 224 E. Tri County Blvd.

The Alfred Houston Diggs and Scotland Roberts Diggs home, built in 1905 at 224 E. Tri-County Blvd. Alfred was the son of Samuel and Isabelle Diggs, born to them in 1877. Samuel was a carpenter by trade. Alfred was a mechanic. Many may remember his daughter Mamie Diggs, who was a nurse and caregiver who lived in the home for many years.

She was the aunt of Tommy Diggs, the son of Albert H. Diggs Jr. and Mildred Disney Diggs. Following his high school graduation, Tommy Diggs, entered into the U.S. Army and served his country in the Korean War. While serving, he received several medals, citations, badges and commendations, including the Korean Service Medal with Two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. After his military discharge, he entered into the U.S. Army Reserve and continued serving his country until he received a U. S. Military retirement. He received a civil engineering degree from the University of Tennessee and worked at Martin-Marietta until he retired.

The home had always remained in the Diggs family and today is owned by Bettina D. Cox and husband Sam, of Oliver Springs. Bettina Diggs Cox recently embarked on a full renovation. The once missing porch was rebuilt, and rooms throughout have been beautifully renovated. A unique feature of the home are the four fireplace mantels salvaged from the once popular Oliver Springs Hotel. Bettina received a preservation award from the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance (ETPA) in 2016 for her efforts on the home.