Pine Street Property

William Simon Doyle Home - 301 Pine Street

William Simon Doyle and Sally Meriwether Smith that was built in 1863 and is now the 2nd oldest standing home in Oliver Springs. It is located at 301 Pine Street. The Doyle family stay in Oliver Springs was short, the connection to the town was again through a Wiley. Sally's mother was Eliza Jane Wiley, the oldest child of wealthy Henry H Wiley. Sally was the second child of the first marriage of her mother to Col William Payne Smith.

The Doyle family left the home before their first child was born in 1868 and I'm unsure of the the occupants over the next years until the Thomas Franklin Abston and Jennie Booth Abston family that had moved to Windrock from Rockwood then first to backstreet before moving to the Doyle home. Each move as their family grew in size. Thomas Abston built the first electric power station beside the Southern Railroad near where Jerry Vann's house is today. He later built and operated the Abston Garage where you could buy a new car. Tom at that time he lived in the old Mary Wiley homeplace that adjoined the garage. His son Luther would live in the Doyle house. Thomas Abston also was elected Mayor of Oliver Springs in 1927.

The Doyle home is presently owned by Jim and Patricia Kelly, the fourth generation of the Abston family that have occupied the home. Jim is the son of Carolyn Abston Kelly and James Kelly. Carolyn is the daughter of Luther and Lorena Joyner Abston.