Oliver Springs Southern Railroad Depot

Restoration Project Underway

Built c. 1893, the Oliver Springs Depot was one of the busiest of the Coster Division. Its popularity grew

along with the nationally known Oliver Springs Resort Hotel and nearby coal production. This building is a

small-frame style, one story structure. Original interior wood has writing still visible from 123 years ago. It

features gabbles and large overhangs. The last passenger train pulled through the depot in 1968. In 1983

Southern Railway planned to demolish the structure. The town rallied for saving this historic remnant and

eventually struck a deal with Southern Railway, provided it would be removed from the site and relocated

elsewhere. In 1986, the citizens of Oliver Springs were able to have the building moved across the street

with the help of TVA.

The depot is currently home to the Oliver Springs Library and Museum operated by the Oliver Springs

Historical Society. The outside paint is lead-based and needs containment and new paint. Roof repairs and

water drainage are also issues. The town has little funding to make repairs and it is the only library and

source for internet connection for many citizens. Time is of the essence. The town is applying for a TDOT

Enhancement Grant to help make repairs. Repairs need to be made to ensure the structure has a future in

the community.

The depot has been on the  East Tennessee Preservation Alliance Endangered 8 List since 2016. It's our wish that it can be removed in 2018.

Lead Paint Removal

Layers of lead paint have been removed and repairs are being made.

Cupolas Restored

Keith Massengale’s prison crew is doing a nice job with the shakes that Robbie Underwood planed and ripped.