Walker Avenue Property

Dr. Joseph Parks Walker Home - 601 Walker Avenue

The home of Dr. Joseph Parks Walker and his wife Sarah Lucy Geers at 601 Walker Ave. that dates to the 1890's. Sarah Lucy Geers was the daughter of William S Geers and Martha Elizabeth Wiley another child of wealthy Henry H Wiley. William S Geers and Martha lived in the brick home they named "Rose Terrace." William S Geers was involved in the Wiley business interest.

Sarah Lucy Geers born 1866 was the youngest child of William S Geers and Martha Elizabeth Wiley. She married Dr. Joseph Parks Walker in 1888 in Anderson County. They first lived on Main Street in a house adjoining John Vann's home. In the 1890's they built this home on the corner of Walker Ave. and Roane Street. Many may remember this home as the Grace Deaderick home. The Deadericks bought the home in 1941.

Dr. Joseph Parks Walker born 1857 was a graduate of Vanderbilt University Medical School. He was the brother of William C Walker whose home was next door on Walker Ave. Dr. Walker was a fine business man and knew how to take care of his money. He invested in Florida orange groves in the 1920's and made occasional trips to Florida. Dr. Walker retired in 1927 and moved to 1712 E 5th Ave in Knoxville with his wife Lucy. Sadly Dr. Walker died on a trip to Orange County Florida in Jun 1931. Lucy continued to live in Knoxville until her death in 1953. They had no children and both are buried in Highland Memorial in Knoxville.


William C Walker Home - 603 Walker Ave.

The home of William C Walker at 603 Walker Avenue, built 1887. William Campbell Walker was born 1850 in the Concord-Campbell Station area to well-to-do Wesley Walker and Mary Ann Griffith. Mary Ann was the daughter of William C. Griffith who had extensive land on Poplar Creek and Black Oak Ridge. William Griffith was the first clerk of Oliver Springs First Baptist Church.

William C Walker married "Lida" Eliza Jane Mitchell in 1882, she was the daughter of previously discussed Jabez Gilead Mitchell and Eliza Jane Wiley. William C. Walker was on the first town council of 1905. He was a store owner, Alderman and postmaster. William C Walker died in 1909, Lida then moved in with her mother Eliza Mitchell. William C and Lida were both members of the Oliver Springs First Baptist Church are both buried in the Oliver Springs Cemetery.

The home was owned by a number of people afterwards, William Deaderick, Gail Irwin Campbell (1983-1992) who then sold it to the Marcums. Maurice Phillips owns the home today. When the house was first built it included a turret that was removed sometime in it's past.